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Get your driving licence in the shortest time

How many driving lessons will I need? is a common question asked to every driving instructor by their student. And the honest answer is it is up to you as a student.

For some people that start learning to drive, they have little issue with learning a new skill and progress smoothly through the syllabus set out by the DVSA.

Some on the other hand make things difficult for themselves and not listening to the advice given to them by their driving instructor.

The golden number of required driving lessons

According to the DVSA the average number of required driving lessons is 47 hours with a professional driving instructor and a further 20 hours of private practice with a parent or family member. If, however you are not getting private practice then it is expected that you may require more than 47 hours with a driving instructor.

Not what you want to hear

Now I know this is not what you want to hear and you were probably hoping for this article to tell you that you will be able to pass your driving test in 10 hours like a parent or grand-parent.

The difference is that your parent or gran-parent may have had driving experiences before starting lessons or the fact that when they learned to drive there was millions of vehicles less on the road than there is today.

Learning to drive costs a fortune

Learning to drive can cost a fortune if you choose the wrong driving instructor to provide driving lessons. Choosing the cheapest driving instructor, you can find will 10 times out of 10 cost you the most money in the long run. Driving instructors may have the same titles but that is where it ends for many.

All driving instructors are the same

Many people think all driving instructors are the same and are just wanting their pupil to spend a fortune learning to drive. I am going to use this analogy to explain the difference, if driving instructors are all the same then cars are all the same.

But if cars are all the same why can you buy a new car for under £10,000.00 or over £1m, the reason is the quality, performance, reliability of the vehicles are completely different.

You will also receive a much better customer experience if you went to the dealership of the £1m vehicle than you would if you were buying a car under £10,000.00.

Learning from videos or others

Some learner driver’s think that it will help them have fewer driving lessons and save money by learning from videos on YouTube or listening to family members or friends on how they do things. If this is the case, then why are you paying for a driving instructor in the first place.

Watching videos is also like having multiple instructors all teaching you slightly different and then getting confused with all the information – why pay for lessons if you are watching YouTube?

Driving instructors find it very frustrating when they hear the words “ I watched a video on YouTube and they done it differently”, All the very best driving instructors usually have full diaries and when they are having a day off the last thing they want to do is make a video and then have to edit it.

Basically, if the instructor is posting videos on YouTube, it is because they are not busy delivering driving lessons.  Friends or family members that have passed their driving test, after a few weeks do not drive at the required driving test standard and will develop driver habits which often seem easier than the way your driving instructor showed you. The problem is the “driver habit” approach will not help you pass your driving test.

Best advice

If you are looking for the best advice on how many driving lessons you will need is read reviews about the driving school or driving instructor you intend to use.

When looking for reviews be sure to look for photo proof to back up the review.

Use the DVSA lesson average to prepare financially to have driving lessons. Do not choose the cheapest driving instructor you can find, personally I had a student come to me that had 4 ½ years of “cheap” driving lessons and failed 15 driving tests.

Cheap lessons are not good & good lessons are not cheap

There is a saying “pay cheap, pay twice”, so if you are looking for the cheapest lessons you can find, be aware that it may end up costing you double. Cheap driving instructors tend to not teach to the DVSA syllabus and find ways to stretch out your driving lessons over many more months.

Instructors to avoid

Instructors to avoid when starting your driving lessons are the ones that will take you to a car park to learn the controls of the vehicle.

Manual or automatic driving lessons for a first driving lesson can start in a quiet area such as an industrial estate or quiet housing estate.

Instructors that start new learner drivers in a car park tend to keep them there for 6 to 10 hours. The road could be very long with many ups and downs if you choose the wrong instructor for you.

Starting on a quiet road

Starting your driving lesson on a quiet road or industrial estate may sound daunting, but it can speed up your required driving lessons.

Because you get used to a little bit of traffic and judgment parking the vehicle near to a kerb.

Learning to drive in a car park may seem fun, but why pay a professional to do this? A driving instructors vehicle has dual controls and they can grab the steering wheel if needed to help you steer.

Choosing the right driving instructor

Choosing the right driving instructor is ultimately what decides how many driving lessons you will require to pass your driving test.

Careful consideration should be taken when looking for a driving school or driving instructor to provide your driving tuition.

Simply just do not phone around looking for one that is available, reading reviews is a trusted method of sourcing the best driving instructor for you.

Read our real reviews:

Good luck on your journey learning to drive. We hope you found this blog useful.