Theory Test

Getting started with your theory

If you are planning on starting your driving lessons, you will also have to take a theory test at some point.

Some choose to do the theory test before they start learning to drive.

The only problem with doing it this way is that often when your driving instructor asks you about certain traffic signs or road markings and the student has forgotten what they mean.

Practice theory test whilst learning to drive and you will find that you will be able to use what you are learning during your driving lesson.

What is the Theory Test?

The theory test was developed to get you ready for your driving test, It has 50 multiple choice questions and 14 hazard perception video clips.

In order to pass your theory test questions you must answer 43 questions correctly and score 44 points out of a possible 75 on the hazard perception video clips.

By reading the highway code and know your traffic signs books will help on your driving lessons.

Question bank

When revising for your theory test, there are around 733 questions in the question bank with 14 topics to work through.

The question bank number is just the amount of questions that the DVSA allow to be practiced within APPS.

There are over 900 in the DVSA question bank.

On the day of your theory test you will be given 50 multiple choice questions and you have 60 minutes to do this.

Traffic Signs

During your driving lessons, you will be able to see and understand all the different traffic signs that you are likely to encounter.

Traffic signs enable the driver to plan for the road ahead and by placing the traffic sign in the correct place what they may encounter on the next section of road.

Hazard Perception

The hazard perception test is the second part of your theory test.

During the hazard perception test you will be required to click the screen when a developing hazard is happening.

Scoring for the hazard perception clips range from 0 to 5, with zero meaning you reacted too late to the hazard.

A hazard is something that is likely to make you change your speed or direction.

During your driving lessons you will learn how to deal with various hazards, they are in 2 categories.

Developing hazard

When driving down a road you should be looking out for early warning signs of any developing hazards.

For example a vehicle reversing from a driveway, a pedestrian stepping onto the road or a child running between parked vehicles.

Its vital that a mirror check’s and signal is given to warn others of your actions.

Immediate Hazard

An immediate hazard is something that will require you to act quickly.

With an immediate hazard or something that happens quickly a mirror and signal may not happen due to the quickness of the reaction needed.

Dyslexic Theory test

Many people with dyslexia and other reading problems, should not be put off – you can have the test with a voice over for all the questions and possible answers.

Practice theory online

Before you Book theory test, its important that you try a theory test mock, all our pupils get access to Theory Test Pro and is approved by the DVSA.

Once you have passed your theory test you can then concentrate on your driving lessons and preparing for your driving test.

Remember – it is vital that you continue to study the theory even after passing the theory test.

Your driving instructor can build confidence so you can drive independently ready for your driving test.

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