Meet The Team

On this page of our website, we would like you to meet the team behind Driving Lessons Liverpool.

As an expanding & developing driving school we have some instructors that are fully qualified known as an ADI or Approved Driving Instructor.

And some that are on the training road to become a driving instructor and these are known as a PDI or Potential Driving Instructor.

A PDI can conduct driving lessons once they have passed part 1, Part 2 and completed 40 hours of training with an ADI. This is so they can gain experience in teaching in preparation to taking their final test.

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OWNER & INSTRUCTOR TRAINER - Driving Instructor since 2011
CAR: Kia Ceed
Transmission: Manual

pdi si


CAR:Toyota Corolla Transmission: Automatic

Pdi Rafi


CAR: Toyota Auris Transmission: Automatic

awaiting image


CAR: Hyundai Ionic Transmission: Automatic

Instructors Starting in 2024

Gabriel (PDI)

Transmission: Automatic

Susan (PDI)

CAR: Vauxhall
Transmission: Manual