Terms and Conditions

Here are our easy to follow Terms And Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions must be agreed to when logging into the TOTAL DRIVE APP

  2. You can book lessons via the GAP section in the app.
  3. The GAP section is not to be used to book driving tests – this must be discussed with your instructor.
  4. ALL GAPS are a minimum 60 minutes, if you want longer ask your instructor or book two back to back lessons and then inform your instructor.
  5. Lessons are booked on a first come first served basis.
  6. PLEASE NOTE- Driving instructors are self employed which means they choose their own working hours, this means your instructor may not be available for evenings or weekends.
  8. For your first driving lesson take cash.
  9. Ask your driving instructor what the preffered payment method is for future lessons.
  10. Payment for your driving lesson MUST be made at the start of your lesson.
  11. App payments are currently not activated with all instructors.
  13. Block Bookings last for the number of hours that you have booked.
  14. Block bookings are not discounted.
  16. We expect all our students to have a minimum of 1 lesson a week were possible, this is so that you can progress through the syllabus.
  17. If you do not have a driving lesson for 3 weeks or more without discussing with your instructor, Your access to the app will become inactive and your space will be given to a new student.
  18. You may have to wait until a space with your instructor becomes available. 
  20. All students will receive an APP message 48 hours before every lesson.
    Its important that you activate NOTIFICATIONS in your phone for the TOTAL DRIVE app
  21. You will be charged if you forget or do not turn up to your lesson
    Should you cancel your first driving lesson for WHATEVER reason – you will lose your space.
  23. If you or your driving instructor wishes to cancel a lesson a notice period of 48 hours is required. It must be appreciated that last minute cancellations, means a driving instructor will not earn a wage for that hour.
  24. If you do not give the correct notice period of 48 Hours, the lesson duration that was booked will be required to be paid.
  25. Should you not pay the late cancellation fee, you will not be able to book further lessons until this is paid.
  26. failure to pay the cancellation completely means you will lose your space in your driving instructors diary.
  27. Unfortunately, from time to time driving instructors may have to cancel driving lessons at late notice, if this happens the driving instructor will re-arrange the driving lesson at the most convenient time for you.
  28. Back to back cancellations (even if correct notice is given) may result in you losing your space with your driving instructor.
    This is because we cannot hold spaces open, and empty spaces means no income.
  30. Driving Tests can only be booked when in agreement with your driving instructor.
  31. When a driving test is booked, you must maintain a minimum of a 1 hour driving lesson every week up to your driving test date to keep you at the required driving test standard.
  32. We also recommend a MOCK test every few weeks on the lead up to your driving test.
  33. Driving Tests will only go ahead if you have passed MOCK tests and maintained regular driving lessons to keep you at the required driving standard.
  35. Before booking an earlier driving test – 7 days notice is required
  36. Earlier driving tests should be confirmed with your instructor before completing the booking on the DVSA website.
  38. Should you fail your driving test, you must have a minimum of 6 hours before your next driving test to fix faults from the last test.
  39. If not had any lessons for more than 6 weeks, you must complete 10 hours of lessons before your test date.
  41. From time to time the DVSA may cancel your driving test at short notice, if less than 48 hours notice is given a 2 hour lesson will be conducted.
  42. Should the DVSA be on any strike action on the day of your driving test – a 2 hour lesson will be conducted.
  44. Driving Lessons Liverpool Ltd will not be held accountable for any driving lesson refunds. 
  45. Contact your driving instructor for a refund if needed.
  46. Pay-as-you-go lessons cannot be refunded.
  47. Block bookings can be refunded for any unused hours if the block booking has been inputted into the diary by your driving instructor – this will be your receipt. 
  48. Vehicle Damage – Driving Test
    Should a student crash the instructors vehicle or cause damage, the student will be liable for the insurance excess or repair of the vehicle.
  49. Vehicle excess is £1500
  50. Tyre / Wheel Damage – Driving Test
  51. Should a student hit the kerb hard enough to cause the tyre to burst, the student will be required to replace the tyre – this will be with either a part worn or new tyre depending on the remaining tyre tread depth.
    To avoid hitting the kerb, aim to stop 6″ to 10″ away from the Kerb and approach slowly.
  52. Lesson Price Adjustments
    Our lesson prices are adjusted on 1st January in accordance with driving lesson demand this will affect new students only or any previous students that have not had lessons for a long time.
  54. Please do not contact your driving instructor after 6pm – They need a break from work and any messages will be dealt with the next day. 

If you are unhappy with your driving lessons please let us know, we cannot improve without your feedback. We will investigate any complaint appropriately. If you are unhappy with your driving instructor, we may be able change you to an alternative driving instructor.

Write to us at the address below

Registered Address

Our Registered address is Driving Lessons Liverpool LTD. 66 Long Lane, Office 2, 3rd Floor, Liverpool L9 7BN