Block Booking

Would you prefer to purchase a Block Booking and spread your lessons over the next month or so. The only Block booking that we have found to benefit the learning process the best is the 100 minute lessons. Our block booking consists of 5x 100 Minute driving lessons. 

To find out more about the 100 minute lessons visit the 100 Minute Driving Lesson page.

Be sure you have your provisional driving licence before booking a driving lesson.

Apply for provisional licence

500 Minutes

£ 245
  • 7AM - 4PM

500 Minutes

£ 270
  • 4PM - 8PM

500 Minutes

£ 310
  • Saturday & Sunday

With the 100 minute driving lessons we find that students learn more in a shorter period of time and using this method it saves £££ compared to having a 1 hour driving lesson every week. A block booking also ensures you have a driving lesson every week which helps in the learning process.

We look forward to helping you pass!