Block Booking

A block booking enables the student to save some money when buying in a block. 

Our block bookings are offered in either 5 Hours or 10 hours driving lessons. You can use your block booking how you wish with no lessons held back. 

Be sure you have your provisional driving licence before booking a driving lesson.

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Manual Car
Manual Block Booking Prices
Automatic Car
Automatic Block Booking Prices

Tip for block booking

Ideally to get the most out of your block we recommend longer lesson durations.

With 90 or 100 minute driving lessons research has shown that students learn more in a longer lesson duration and using this method it saves £££ compared to having a 1 hour driving lesson.

A block booking also ensures you have regular driving lessons which helps in the learning process.

How would a 90 or 100 Minute block work?

Should you wish to have your block booking as 90 or 100 minute lessons it would work out as – 

5 Hour Block – 5x 60 Minute or 2x 90 Minute + 1x 120 minute or 2x 60 Minute or 3x 100 Minute.

10 Hour Block – 6x 100 Minute or 6x 90 Minute + 1x 60 Minute

We look forward to helping you pass!