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Get The Best Driving Instructor Training

Get the Best Driving Instructor Training

Becoming a driving instructor has many benefits and can be rewarding, helping others develop their driving skills and then passing their driving test.

In this article we will guide you through the 3 Part process on how to become a driving instructor.

The first thing every potential driving instructor must do is check that they meet the criteria to become a driving instructor. If you do meet the criteria the next thing is to apply for your CRB check and then start the application.

Whilst you wait for your CRB to come back it would make for good practice to get started with your ADI Theory test revision which is the Part 1 test.

Finding a training provider

You can either look for a training provider before or after you have passed the part 1 test. On the gov.uk website there is a list of ORDIT registered training providers, all of which have paid to be put on the list. It is a bit like paying to be ranked 1st in the yellow pages so that everyone sees you first, unfortunately it does not represent the quality or standard of training you will receive.

It is common knowledge that regardless of any area of expertise, you want the best in that field to train you – driving instructors best asset is their ability to help others, the more new drivers they help achieve their driving licence the better they will be at training you to become a driving instructor.

If you are in the Merseyside area, we have done a search and sourced the best driving instructor training available.

The tests

As mentioned above there are 3 parts to becoming a driving a driving instructor.

Part 1 – ADI Theory Test

The part 1 theory test is different and much more difficult than the learner theory test. The Theory test is 1 hour 30 minutes and consists of 100 multiple choice questions across 4 bands. The pass mark for part one is 80 correct answers, seems easy when written like this, but if we go into a bit more detail about the test it gets a little more difficult.

There are 4 bands on the theory test with 25 multiple choice questions from each band making 100 multiple choice questions. Each band you must score a minimum of 20 correct answers. If you scored 80 across the whole test, but 1 band only had 19 answers correct you will fail the whole test.

And at £81 you want to be sure that you are going to pass this test on the first attempt. After passing the part 1 test, you have 2 years to pass the remaining 2 parts or you will have to start back from the start.

Part 2 – Driving Ability Test

The second part is something you may feel you can just pass on your own as you think your driving is ok, but trust us when we say – even the best drivers require 20 hours to fix all the driving habits they have built up over the years.

The ADI driving test is more difficult than a standard driving test, as a PDI you will be expected to drive for 1 hour and carry out 2 reverse exercises.

You will also have to answer 5 vehicle safety questions and be able to read a number plate from 26.5 metres.

Show n tell questions can be studied online and you will be asked 3 “tell me” questions and 2 “show me” questions.

Following a satnav or road signs will also take 20 minutes during your test to show you can drive independently.

The overall pass mark for the ADI part 2 test is 6 driving faults or less with no serious or dangerous marks.

Find your local ADI part 2 training provider.

Get practice instructing

After you have passed the part 2 ADI test, you can now start your training to become a driving instructor.

The be able to get practice instructing you must complete 40 hours of training and record all of your training on an ADI21T form which you and your training provider signs to say you have completed all 20 topics.

Once all the training on the ADI21T form has been completed, you can then apply for your PINK BADGE or trainee licence using an ADI 3L form – The trainee badge costs £140.

When your pink badge arrives, it will have a start date and an expiry date which will be 6 months from the start date.

The final test

Part 3 – instructional ability test

The final step is preparing for your part 3 test, to do this you should receive a further 20 hours of training and decide on a candidate you can use for the test. It can be a learner or full licence holder, but you cannot use an ADI for your part 3 test.

Your trainer is welcome to join you on the part 3 test, if you are unsuccessful you should receive further training to fix errors from the previous test.

After passing part 3

Once you have passed the part 3 test, you will then be able to apply for your ADI Green badge (£300) you will then also have the choice to work independently or stay with the driving school that provided your training.

Driving School Franchise fee

A franchise fee enables you to receive new students via the driving school that you are in a franchise fee with.

Driving school franchises range from £50 to £300 per week, with some giving between 2 to 5 weeks holiday per year. The national driving schools will offer you a branded vehicle that will put your franchise fee at the higher end of the scale, but also after qualifying there is a chance of work dropping off with new trainees in your area and being left with a large weekly franchise fee to cover.

Driving Instructor Earning potential

The earning potential of a driving instructor can vary from £25k to £50 plus depending on area, but the biggest thing you must take into consideration is the overhead costs. Fuel, repairs, franchise fee etc.

A driving school that boasts an earning potential of £50k may have a yearly franchise fee of nearly £15k you then have a further £5k in fuel costs over the year. Quickly the £50k earning potential is now £30k a year with the first £20k covering expenses. It also makes you realise why they say its £50k its because every week most of your income will be going on covering your franchise fee and fuel.

The average hourly rate of a driving school can be between £25 to £40 an hour depending on area. But what if a driving school offered you a low franchise fee but with maximum earning potential, but like that would ever happen!!