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How To Pass Your Driving Test

How To Pass Your Driving Test

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Here is a professional driving instructors guide on How to pass your driving test.

It is a common question asked by many pupils learning to drive or thinking about starting their driving lessons. Many seem to be looking for secrets or top tips to help them pass their driving test – but the real answer is quite simple and it is usually right in front of them – so we are going to delve in and give you the top 5 things to help you pass your driving test.


After passing the theory test, many students seem to forget everything that has been learned and instantly do not what know what road markings or traffic signs mean.

As you maybe be driving after you have passed your driving test, then it is important to know all the traffic signs and road markings mean to you as a driver to ensure you and your passengers remain safe on the road.

It is good practice to continue reading the highway code and know your traffic signs book after passing your theory test and throughout your driving lessons.


When you are studying for your theory test, it is also important that you understand what every traffic sign and road markings mean.

After all, if you have the knowledge and understanding of what may be happening ahead of you, you will find it much easier to plan your journey.

During your driving lessons, it is also important that you can demonstrate an understanding of every situation to help you make the correct decision.

Driving Lessons

Next you will be looking for a driving school to provide a driving instructor to help with your driving lessons. 

Liverpool has many driving schools and independent driving instructors to choose from, we obviously recommend ourselves. Every driving school would do this, but if we are unable to fit you in, we will be happy to provide an alternative driving instructor that comes recommended – not many would do this in Liverpool.

Like we just mentioned about recommending another instructor this is something that is often over-looked when looking for a driving lesson provider – REVIEWS. Everything these days pretty much has a review either good or bad.

Reviews can be difficult to come across for driving instructors as most pupils that pass their driving test just want to go out and buy their first car. Many driving schools have their driving instructors leave fake reviews to boost them up in google rankings – we do not do this.

Word of mouth is always a good start, generally anyone similar in age to you may be having driving lessons with someone that may have been recommended to them.

A well talked about driving instructor is usually the best choice too, but bear in mind that these driving instructors may have long waiting lists.

Ideally you want a driving instructor or driving school that can produce a lot of new drivers per year.

Pass Rates

Pass rates for a driving instructor are difficult to gauge, because on the day even the best pupil can fail a driving test with unexpected test day nerves.

An example of pass rates is below

Driving instructor (A) has 1 test a year and gets 1 pass a year = 100% pass rate

Driving Instructor (B) has 50 tests a year and gets 25 pass a year = 50% pass rate

If both instructors had 50 pupils

Driving instructor (A) would take 50 years for everyone to pass

Driving instructor (B) would take 2 years for everyone to pass

Now I know these are wild calculations but before you ask for a pass rate think about how many driving tests that instructor may have done with pupils in the past few weeks.

Driving lesson price

Cheap driving lessons are generally cheap for a reason, the driving instructor may not be good at what they do and the only way to fill their diary is to be super cheap.

Price often reflects quality in everything, you may only buy a certain brand of clothing or makeup because the quality of that product is much superior than the others.

Even though they seem the same or similar, the quality of the product is vastly different.

Driving instructors have the choice to attend CPD workshops to keep them up to date with recent changes and improve their teaching techniques, not all driving instructors do this.

Driving test

The driving test is there to test you and to show the examiner that you can drive safely by putting everything together from your theory and your driving lessons.

Before you book your driving test – be sure you agree with the below information.

If your driving instructor is still helping you do a lot, then unfortunately you are not test ready and you will be wasting your money trying the test.

To be fully test ready, you should be able to drive confidently with little help from your driving instructor on the build up to test day.

Planning your journey and being aware of everything around you will also put your examiner at ease, you will not be able to fluke the driving test.

Just booking driving tests on the off chance you may pass, will cost you a fortune and at £62 a test it would be cheaper to get the highest priced instructor in your area to fix your driving faults properly before attempting a driving test again.


We hope you have found this article of use and maybe the secret on how to pass the driving test is not a secret after all. To pass the driving test requires many hours of studying, understanding and practice to give you the best possible chance of getting your driving licence. The UK driving test is one of the hardest driving tests to pass with 35 million vehicles on the road navigating around each other can become problematic.