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Is becoming A Driving Instructor Right For you?

Becoming A Driving Instructor

The Course

• Part 1 Theory Test Pro – FREE Distance Learning

• Part 2 – upto 20 hours of driving lessons with an ADI. 

40 hours for trainee badge –  in-car ( Required by DVSA )

• Part 3 test – Further 20 hours in-car training ( 2 hour sessions )

How much will all this cost?

  In-Car training consists of:

20 hours for part 2

40 hours for trainee badge

20 hours to prepare for part 3 test. ( 2 hour session )

In-Car Training takes place on days and times that suit you.

What is not included?

 What is not included in our training is test fees and badge fees.

DBS Check – £8.22

Part 1 test – £81

Part 2 test – £111

Trainee badge – £140

Part 3 test – £111

Green badge – £300

Be Your Own Boss, Work The Hours That Suit You.
Paying for your training

 £45 per hour pay as you go  

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Becoming a driving instructor is not easy, it requires a lot of studying and understanding of how to handle different situations and help people from all walks of life to become safe drivers for life.

To help with becoming a driving instructor you should read and understand the following eduactional materials:

The Highway Code

RoadCraft – The Police Drivers Handbook

The Driving Instructors Handbook

The Official DVSA guide to Driving – The Essential Skills 

Practical Teaching Skills for Driving Instructors

DT1 (Driving Test Examiners Guidance)

National standards for driver / rider training

This ultimately depends on the amount of hours you want to work, this could be anything from £25k to £75k this is a gross figure so requires deductions.

Instructors can only work when their students are available for lessons so you have to be flexible with your availability. For the higher end of these earning figures, be prepared to work 7 days a week and over 12 hours per day with travel time this could be out the house for 15 hours a day. 

The other area affected about being self employed, is that your working week may not be the same every week, for example one week you may have a full diary (to what you class as full) work 40 hours, the next week it could be 20 hours due to cancellations or your students unavailable to fit in your diary. 

In order to earn alot, you also have to be very good at your job, this means putting 110% into study and training to qualify, and continue to develop your skills with regular CPD courses.

As a Driving Instructor, you set your own working hours so this is possible, although between lessons there is travel time, this could be up to 30 minutes depending on how you work your diary.

This will also have an impact on what your take home pay is.  

In this industry as a driving instructor, you will be required to keep calm at all times and help find a solution that works for each individual student as not all students learn the same and have different levels of knowledge. 

As with any teaching role, you are in a position of responsbility and trust. This means that you must remain professional at all times, you cannot have any sexual relations with students regardless of their age. 

You must treat every student with respect regardless of their race, religion, sexuality, age etc.

A Driving School franchise is when you join a driving school to work under their driving school brand, this also provides you with work. Some driving school franchises may have a limit on how many students that may be supplied to you within a 12 month period.

There is usually a weekly / monthly charge to use a driving school brand with some schools also charging per student refferal. 

Our Franchise Fee is £65 per week – which is roughly around one 90 minute lesson.

Outgoings for a driving instructor could be a few things. 

Car lease – You may decide or require the need to lease a dual controlled vehicle.



Maintenance costs

Franchise Fee

This will depend on how many hours that you work on a week by week basis. 

The lessons rates that we charge are on an hourly basis.

£45 per hour for manual driving lessons

£45 per hour for automatic driving lessons

To qualify as a driving instructor, requires the following:

  • Over 21
  • Held A full driving licence for atleast 3 years
  • Not been banned ( disqualified) from driving in the last 4 years

Pass an enhanced DBS check, Pass a 100 question theory test (part 1), Pass a 1 hour driving test with no more than 6 driving faults, including motorway driving (part 2), Complete a minimum of 40 hours training to apply for a trainee badge (lasts 6 months) to get practice teaching, A further 20 hours of training whilst on trainee badge to be completed within first 3 months of the trainee badge.  Part 3 test – A DVSA examiner will sit in the back and watch you conduct a driving lesson and then give you the result and feedback.

If you feel that becoming a driving instructor is right for you, then head to the  GOV.UK website and search – becoming a driving instructor.

From there you can start the process.

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