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 To Driving Lessons Liverpool, we offer 1 to 1 professional help in learning to drive.

If you would like to have a “passing your driving test smile” like the pictures above, then we are the ones to help you with learning to drive.

Apply for provisional driving licence

Before we can book a driving instructor for you, you will be required to have a provisional driving licence, apply for your provisional driving licence.

Learning to drive is a memorable moment, choosing the wrong driving instructor or driving school can have a serious impact on this memory and affect your learning experience.

 By choosing us to help with you learning to drive will be a memory we hope you will treasure for the rest of your driving days.

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Start Your Driving Lessons

Learning to drive couldn't be any easier than learning to drive in automatic with the average taking around 25 hours to be test ready.

Learning to Drive

You can start learning to drive from the age of 17 or 16 if you get the enhanced rate PIP. Applying for your provisional driving licence can be done from 15 and 9 months of age.

Why choose us?

With so many driving schools in Liverpool, why choose us to deliver your driving tuition. We have a simple mission here at Driving Lessons Liverpool, to deliver the best possible manual & automatic driving tuition at an affordable rate. All our driving instructors are friendly and can quickly put you at ease behind the wheel. Every driving lesson with one of our driving instructors will be an improvement on the last lesson with a short recap and a demonstration of your understanding to be able to move onto new topics.

Here at Driving Lessons Liverpool, our driving instructor’s priority is keeping you happy and helping you progress as efficiently as possible within your learning capabilities. All of our driving instructors will start you in a quiet location if you are new to driving to help you learn the controls and how to move the vehicle, depending on your experience your driving instructor may be happy to put you straight into the driving seat to assess your current abilities.

We hope you choose us to help you achieve your driving licence in Liverpool.

Be sure to read our feedback from other student’s experiences.

Our driving instructors

Driving Lessons Liverpool provides manual & Automatic driving instructors that they would be happy for their own children to learn to drive with, instructors that will go out of their way to help you achieve your goal.

Honesty is how we like to deliver our driving lessons, if something is wrong, we will not sugar coat it and say it was great, we simply fix the problem there and then.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Customer service, we aim to maintain our 100% customer satisfaction every step of the way, if there is a problem we want to know about it at the first instance by either calling us on 01513740098 or email , If you head to our contact page, by filling in the form we can deal with any enquiry quickly and efficiently

Helping you boost your confidence on the road and pass your driving test is our main priority, we hope you can put your trust in us to help you achieve your driving licence.

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