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Have you been looking for a driving school or driving instructor to help you learn to drive? if you are here, then the answer is probably YES! 

When looking for professional help to guide you towards a driving licence there are probably a few things you are looking for that fit your criteria.

  • Price
  • Offers
  • Reviews
  • Recommendations 


Price of a driving lesson often reflects the quality of the service in which you will receive. But why are some driving instructors charging between £20 to £35. Often with cheaper driving lessons, a student may tend to have 2 to 3 times more lessons than a student that is paying a little more for a great quality instructor.

A Cheap driving instructor may intend on keeping you having lessons with them for 18 months and failing many driving tests along the way, a higher priced school may have you passed in as little as 3 months.


Does the driving school have any special offers or introductory offers to tempt you to book with them.

Be careful of ‘FREE LESSON’ offers, with these it is very unlikely that you will actually drive the car during the FREE LESSON and you will more than likely be taken to a car park.

Car parks are useful for 2 things – driving forwards into a bay and reversing out or reversing into a bay and driving out, both are manoeuvres used in a driving test. Driving around a partly empty car park is not teaching you anything and if anything is saving the instructor fuel and being able to stretch out your lesson hours further.

The OFFERS we use are simply there to help you decide if you get on with your instructor, if you do not gel with your instructor – your driving lessons will be boring for both you and the instructor and you will not learn anything.


In today’s world anyone can leave a review about anything, when it comes to driving schools – a positive review can be verified by way of ‘social proofing’. Social proofing means you can view a pass photo or a pass certificate to correspond with any reviews that you see on Google, Trustpilot or Yell.

Without the ‘Social proofing’ i.e. no picture to go with the review, how can the reviews be trusted.


Another way of finding a driving school or driving instructor is to ask a friend or family member who they had their driving lessons with, but like it mentions above – just because they passed with them does not mean that you will gel with the instructor – if the match is not right, we advise changing instructors.

What We Charge

We have a range of pay as you go lessons that come in 60 Minute, 90 Minute, 100 Minute and 120 Minute and your driving test day is charged at the normal lesson rate (2 hours).

Block Bookings

We offer our block bookings in blocks of 100 minutes.

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