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We can quickly fill your diary usually within 2 weeks manual or automatic

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Our instructors are here to help you learn to drive or have refresher driving lessons.

All our instructors tend to have their own working areas, but do not worry we do overlap areas to try and cover all areas.

Automatic Driving School

We offer manual and automatic driving lessons across liverpool.

Whichever instructor you have for your driving lessons, you will get full access to Theory Test Pro.

Fun & Friendly

We could not think of anything worse than being stuck in a car with someone that was boring or abusive, and believe us we hear about this a lot when pupils change driving schools.

Rest assured that our driving instructors will help you relax and feel comfortable during your driving lessons.

Being relaxed helps you to build driving confidence and learning to drive seems much easier if you have a nice and positive person sitting next to you.

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About Automatic

All of our cars are clean and fresh and our driving instructors dress informally. Many students that make the change to automatic are unsure about the pedals or how to use them.

Unlike a manual car that has 3 pedals, an automatic vehicle has just 2 pedals and just like when you drove a manual you operate the brake and gas pedal in the exact same way – pivot your right foot.

Brake And Gas Pedal Automatic
left foot position

As you can probably see from the above picture, your left foot simply rests on the foot rest or you can tuck your left leg behind your right, so you do not  accidentally hit the brake pedal.

Trainee Instructor

Andy - Part 1

trainee Instructor

Cris - Part 1

trainee instructor

Rafi - Lessons 19th July

Trainee Instructor

Sean - Part 2

trainee Instructor

Simon - Part 1

trainee instructor

Shiva - Part 1