Learning to drive

what is the best driving lesson duration

Driving Lesson

When you start looking for a driving instructor or local driving school to provide your driving lessons you no doubt will be looking at driving lesson price.

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Driving lesson Prices

Something you will quickly notice is many driving instructors have similar prices in your area and you will of course come across the cheap driving lessons which could be £10 plus cheaper than the average.

When something is very cheap compared to average price it is usually a warning sign to avoid this, there is a known saying “beware of the cost of cheap”.

Driving Lesson Duration

The other important factor is lesson duration, the most common driving lesson duration is based on 60 Minute driving lessons or part of.

Occasionally you may come across driving schools offering 50 Minute driving lessons often for a reduced price, this is usually just a marketing strategy to lure clients in.

A student from one of these schools may say they have had 25 lessons, but it works out as around 20 Hours.

Another thing to understand is that a 50 Minute lesson priced at £25, works out the same as a 60 Minute lesson priced at £30.

£30 / 60 = 50p per Minute

£25 / 50 = 50p per Minute

Automatic driving lessons can be charged at £2+ per lesson or hour more over manual counterparts, so using the above calculation.

£27 / 50 = 54p per Minute

£32.40 / 60 = 54p per Minute

Recommended Amount Of Driving Hours

For you to complete the recommended 47 hours that the DVSA say is required to reach driving test standard and pass on the first attempt would take 56 lessons in 50 Minute durations.

Or 56 weeks compared to 47 weeks as many students have just 1 driving lesson per week.

Calculating the cost

If you take the time to calculate the full cost of both 60 Minute and 50 Minute lessons over the 47 hours, you will come to the same conclusion regardless of the price.

Here is the breakdown of both.

£25 x 56 = £1400

£30 x 47 = £1410

£27 x 56 = £1512

£32.40 x 47 = 1522

As you will see, even with the shorter lesson length, you will save just £10 but it will take 9 weeks longer in driving lessons to get to your driving test.

Driving School Franchise Fee

Many driving schools charge their driving instructors hefty franchise fees on a week by week basis and it is important for a driving instructor to cover their weekly overheads before they start earning their living.

So, you can see that the main goal is to lure you in with a lower price, in order to keep you for a longer time to cover their overheads.

I hope this has given you an insight into choosing a driving school to provide your driving lessons.