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Are you looking for a structured training programme?

Our driving instructor training is structured for Part 1, part 2 & part 3.

Our Driving Instructor trainer currently has a 100% first time pass rate for part 3.

How Much Can You Earn

How much a driving instructor can earn is based on how many hours they wish to work per week. 

We have an hourly rate from £32 per hour with evening and weekends charged at £35 and £40 per hour.

Your earning potential is entirely up to you.

When on a trainee licence, we usually give you around 30 hours worth of students (£900+), unless you remain in your current job whilst on trainee badge.

This is so we can fit in further training for part 3 preparation.

Getting started

To become a driving instructor requires you to meet the criteria set out by the DVSA which can be found at https://www.gov.uk/become-a-driving-instructor .

If you do meet the criteria, then the next step is to start the process by applying for your CRB which costs £6. https://www.gov.uk/criminal-record-check-become-driving-instructor

Once you have applied for your CRB, you can then start the process https://www.gov.uk/apply-to-become-a-driving-instructor

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£32 per hour or Pay £200 Deposit then £50 a week for 48 weeks.

The Process

During the process, you are a PDI or potential driving instructor.

Part 1 – Theory test

We provide you with Theory test Pro for FREE to help with your ADI theory revision, it’s a different theory test from the learner test.  This can be done as distance learning and you can book this once you have your PRN number from DVSA.

Part 2 – ADI driving test

Preparing you for your ADI practical driving test requires up to 20 hours of in-car driving lessons on a 1 to 1 basis. To pass the ADI driving test you must get less than 6 driving faults and the test lasts up to 1 hour.

PDI trainee driving instructor badge

After you have passed the part 2 driving test, you are then able to apply for a trainee driving instructor badge, to be able to get a trainee instructor badge requires  a minimum of 40 hours in-car training and then you are able to give driving lessons and receive payment.

Part 3 – Instructional Ability

The part 3 test must be taken within the first 3 months of your trainee instructor badge, before you take your part 3 test you will have received a further 20 hours of training to further prepare you for your part 3 test.

After you have passed your part 3 test, you can then apply for your green ADI badge.

Guaranteed Place In Our School

We have had instructors Join us that have never been so busy when at other Driving Schools

What happens after you qualify?

When all 3 parts have been passed you simply continue to be a part of the team for a minimum of 12 Months.

As a new ADI you will also be required to have a Standards Check around 6 to 18 months after passing your part 3 test, being part of our school you will receive training to prepare for this test.

A driving school franchise is paying a weekly premium to enable you to use the driving schools name and for them to supply you with new students when you need them.

You will have experience of this with us when you are on your trainee badge to prepare for your part 3 test.

Driving School Franchise Cost

We guarantee you a place at our driving school with the lowest franchise fees around (which start after you qualify) visit Join the Team to find out more, with us you earn a lot more and pay even less!

How much will all this cost?

In total there are a minimum of 80 hours training required to help you pass the test to become an approved driving instructor ADI.

The training takes place around your current work schedule.

What is not included?

 What is not included in our training is test fees and badge fees.

Part 1 test – £81

Part 2 test – £111

Trainee badge – £140

Part 3 test – £111

Green badge – £300

What you will receive

Part 2 – 20 hours 1 to 1 driving lessons to prepare for driving test.

40 hours in-car training before we can sign off on the ADI-21T form for trainee badge.

Part 3 test – Further 20 hours in-car training before 1st attempt

Further training if unsuccessful in passing part 3

Paying for your training

 £32 per hour pay as you go


£200 Deposit – Then £50 A Week for 48 Weeks From When On Trainee Badge

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