Driving Assessment Lesson

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Our driving assessment lesson is based on a 90 minute driving lesson, and we use this assessment lesson if you would prefer to buy a block of lessons upfront instead of paying for your lesson every week.

If you have not already passed your theory test – use our Theory Test Pro to prepare you when you signup for driving lessons.

Regular Driving Lessons

Having big gaps between lessons cause many students to forget what has already been learned and spend most of the next lesson going over it again, this prolongs your driving lessons and you end up having more than necessary.

By having A lesson assessment with one of our DVSA approved driving instructors, they can assess your current level of driving or assess how well you follow instructions to give you a rough estimate of the hours you may need to pass your driving test.

By doing it this way, you can have a better understanding of what is involved to get you to test standard.

It is likely that the instructor you have for your lesson assessment will be the instructor you have for your regular lessons.

DVSA examiners are highly trained and regularly checked to be sure they remain at a good examiner standard to conduct driving tests.

To learn more about what to expect on your driving test, check out our blog.

Assessment Driving Lesson

10 Hours


20 Hours


30 Hours