5 Hours Of Driving Lessons

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Our 5 hours of driving lessons offer is for new learners drivers that have no previous driving experience. 

During the first 5 hours of driving lessons, you can get to know your driving instructor and ease into your lessons. 

What you can expect to learn in your first 5 hours?

If you have chosen to learn to drive in an automatic, depending on how quickly you learn you may have covered all these topics in the first 5 hours:

  • Cockpit Drill & Controls
  • Moving Off & Stopping
  • Approaching & Turning Left
  • Approaching & Emerging Left
  • Approaching & Turning Right
  • Approaching & Emerging Right
  • Basic Crossroads (side street)

Some learner drivers develop a little quicker and your driving instructor may move you a little more ahead – see 10 hours of driving lessons for what you will learn after you have mastered the first 5 hours.

Looking For A Driving Instructor To Take Your Test?

If you are looking for driving lessons to prepare you for a driving test,  this is our minimum number of lessons before a test. If your driving instructor feels you are not at the required driving test standard they will not allow you to take a test in their vehicle. 

The first lesson must be a minimum of 7 working days before the test date.

5 hour crash course

10 Hours


15 Hours


90 Min