35 Hour Driving Course

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Have you only had a few driving lessons and still getting to grips with the basics, then the 35 Hour crash course from automatic driving lessons Liverpool can have you on the road quickly.

This 2 week intensive driving course will have you spending more time on the road and really getting to grips with controlling a car.

Having limited time in the car means you will still require a lot of work to get you to driving test standard or you have had a break in your driving lessons and you would prefer to just get your driving licence with a 2 week intensive driving course.

Our 35 Hour crash course is our shortest beginner course, on your fast track automatic driving lessons you will finesse what you already know and completely learn new topics as it covers all the DVSA syllabus.

If this 2 week intensive driving course is for you, you may also want to take your theory test. Once you have passed your theory test, we can then book in your fast track automatic driving lessons.

Our DVSA approved driving instructors will build your confidence and road understanding and have you going from beginner level to advanced level during your fast track automatic driving lessons.

By having a full course, it enables you to not have to miss driving lessons like many do on a week by week basis.

Be at the forefront of your driving and we can work this course around a packed schedule with lessons available 7 days a week.

Would you like to have your driving licence quicker than your friends, if you said yes – this course can help you to achieve it.

We can book your theory for you or you book your theory

"Automatic driving school Liverpool couldn't get no better, my driving instructor had the best patience and his learning methods were fantastic. Automatic driving lessons Liverpool have given me all the knowledge I need to be safe on the road. Highly recommend to anyone.
Sophie Starkey
35 Hour Course

35 Hour Crash Course

This course is from £1050 and can take from 7 Days to complete
35 Hour Crash Course

30 Hour

Intermediate Course From
£ 900
  • Typically Takes
  • From 6 Days

40 Hour

Beginner Course Only
£ 1305
  • Typically Takes
  • From 8 Days

1 Hour

Assesment Lesson From
£ 30
  • Pay As You Go
  • 1 Hour