35 Hours of Driving lessons

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At the end of your last 5 hours of driving lessons, we started the parallel park.

The parallel park  is used to get your vehicle into a small space after you have passed your driving test.

For your driving test, the space is roughly 2 car lengths and you will not have a vehicle behind you during your test. 

During your driving lessons you will practice as if a 2 car space is available. As your confidence grows your driving instructor may practice between vehicles and in smaller spaces. 

  • Start –  Stop on the right and reverse in a straight line
  • Emergency Stop
  • Start Sat-Nav / Independent Driving

At this stage you should have covered all the topics on the syllabus – so now we improve on what we know.

What does the next 5 hours have in-store 40 Hours Of Driving Lessons

"Automatic Driving Lessons Liverpool couldn't get no better, my driving instructor had the best patience and his learning methods were fantastic. Automatic driving lessons Liverpool have given me all the knowledge I need to be safe on the road. Highly recommend to anyone.
Sophie Starkey
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