30 Hour Driving Course

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Our 30 Hour intensive driving course is for those that have limited driving experience and would prefer to have fast pass driving lessons get their driving licence.

It is one of the preferred one week intensive courses and can be taken as an intensive course or semi-intensive driving course, you could do the whole course with fast pass driving lessons or stretch it over five weeks.

Even if you haven’t done your theory test yet, you can add that to the course and after you have passed the theory test, we can organise your practical driving test if you would like us to and then book in your fast pass driving lessons.

Limited driving experience means you have learned the basics and have done basic driving on the road like turning / emerging left and right on side roads and ventured out onto main roads for traffic lights and crossroads.

If you have started roundabouts, this would be an advantage but not essential as your instructor will be starting and developing the areas you need to do and strengthen existing areas of your driving.

Have had a break from lessons and are unsure what course would be best for you, then we recommend taking the assessment lesson and to be as honest as possible about your previous driving experience.

During this 30 Hour intensive driving course, you will have time to fully understand the controls of the car and all the show and tell questions that you may get asked on the day of your driving test.

roundabouts and manoeuvres seem easy during an intensive course as you will have 5 hours each lesson to get to grips with everything, don’t worry your instructor will give you breaks so you will not be driving for a full 5 hours.

On a semi-intensive course lessons will be 2 hours in duration.

One week intensive courses are a popular way to get you on the road quicker than your friends.

Imagine how amazing it would feel to go from potentially taking months with weekly driving lessons to taking a one week intensive courses and passing your driving test.

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"After 5 years of stopping and starting lessons with various different instructors due to how nervous and anxious I felt at even just the thought of a driving lesson, my entire outlook on driving has changed! I passed my test today, I couldn’t of done it without my amazing instructor giving me the help, guidance and reassurance that I needed. Lessons are fun, productive and thorough! He’s got the patience of a saint and I can’t recommend enough".
Ashleigh Owens
30 Hour Course

30 Hour Driving Course

This course is from £900 and can take from 6 Days to complete
30 Hour Crash Course

25 Hour

Intermediate Course From
£ 750
  • Typically Takes
  • From 5 Days

35 Hour

Beginner Course From
£ 1050
  • Typically Takes
  • From 7 Days

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