30 Hours Of Driving Lessons

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Now that we are becoming more confident with reversing in a straight line and out of a parking space, lets see what you will be achieving in the next 5 hours.

  • Continue reverse out a space.
  • Start reversing into a space to the Left & Right.
  • Start Parallel Park.

Parallel park for some students can be difficult, but remember how easy we made roundabouts to understand – same for parallel park.

Let us now see what you have left to learn – 35 hours of driving lessons

"After 5 years of stopping and starting lessons with various different instructors due to how nervous and anxious I felt at even just the thought of a driving lesson, my entire outlook on driving has changed! I passed my test today, I couldn’t of done it without my amazing instructor giving me the help, guidance and reassurance that I needed. Lessons are fun, productive and thorough! He’s got the patience of a saint and I can’t recommend enough".
Ashleigh Owens
30 Hours
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