25 Hour Driving Course

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The 25 Hour crash course from automatic driving lessons Liverpool is a one week driving course for learners that have been driving for a short while and still need to learn complex skills and manoeuvres.

This one week driving course is for students with elementary level skills and is a fast pass driving course that will allow you to spend time getting the understanding to enable you learn the complex situations ready for the practical driving test.

By having your driving capabilities at an advanced level, you can go into your driving test confident of your understanding and ability. With it being a 25 Hour crash course, you may want to add your theory test to the package too if you haven’t already done it.

You may also need to learn all 4 reverse exercises which consist of parallel park, reverse bay, drive into bay and stop on the right. It is very important that you spend enough time practicing these manoeuvres during your fast pass driving course to help with confidence.

If you do add your theory test to the package, you will get access to theory test pro for your revision, once you have passed your theory test, we will then be able to book your driving test and arrange your one week driving course.

All your driving lessons which can be taken as an intensive course or semi-intensive course are on a one to one basis with your driving instructor, so you get 100% of the driving on every lesson.

During your fast pass driving course lesson duration will be a minimum of 2 hours with 5 hours being the maximum per day, we recommend a short break every 2 hours to help with concentration.

Do you need to book your Theory test

"Best automatic driving instructor in Liverpool - Honestly, best guy. Ive struggled with driving for years, many different instructors, innumerable learned bad habits. But my driving instructor systematically corrected each of them. Highly recommend.
Terry Hampson
25 Hour Course

25 Hour Driving Course

This course is from £750 and can take from 5 Days to complete
25 Hour Intensive Driving Course

20 Hour

Intermediate Course From
£ 600
  • Typically Takes
  • From 4 Days

30 Hour

Intermediate Course From
£ 900
  • Typically Takes
  • From 6 Days

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