20 Hours Of Driving Lessons

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By the time you get to the end of 20 hours, you may have attempted some of the tricky parts of driving. So what might you have covered by the end of 20 hours.

  • Start / Continue Roundabouts, single lane, 2 lane, Mini-roundabout, Spiral, Multi-Roundabouts.
  • Start Reversing in a straight line

As you progress further into driving you may find that there becomes less new elements to learn, so you will be going over previous topics also. Also we did mention on the 15 hours of driving lessons page that the topic of roundabouts is a big topic.

Moving forward, let’s see what you may learn with 25 hours of driving lessons

"I passed with Matty. A great instructor, with lots of patience and an easy way of teaching".
Mandy Owens
20 Hours
4 day Crash Course

15 Hours


25 Hours


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