15 Hours Of Driving Lessons

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Learning to drive in automatic is pretty different from learning in a manual, in 15 hours of driving lessons in a manual (depending on driving school / instructor), you may not be on the main roads yet.

15 hours of driving lessons in automatic you would be continuing to build and grow in confidence of what you have already be shown – see 10 Hours Of Driving Lessons.

In the next 5 hours you will continue to work on 

  • Understanding Roundabouts
  • Lane discipline
  • When to Signal
  • Blindspots on a Roundabout

The topic of roundabouts is quite big, and can be quite daunting to some students due to previous experience of roundabouts whilst in a vehicle with family or friends or simply watching how other drivers do them. Best thing to do would be listen to the best your instructor. 

Should you find roundabouts not too difficult as our driving instructor will make them as easy to understand and as simple as they can be.

You may move onto other topics see 20 Hours Of Driving Lessons

"Amazing instructor with patience of a saint! Makes you feel comfortable and at ease! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive".
Laura Harrison

15 Hours Of Driving Lessons

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