100 Minute Driving Lessons

The amazing 100 Minute Driving Lessons

For many years the only options when learning to drive was to have have 60, 90 or 120 minute driving lessons. Still not many driving schools offer 100 minute lessons, for some students the extra 10 minutes compared to a 90 minute driving lessons makes a big difference.


You may be asking “whats an extra 10 minutes going to do”, we have found that for some students a 2 hour lesson is too long and a 90 minute lesson is not quite long enough. With the longer 100 minutes, a student tends to be able to have enough time to practice and understand the topic in greater detail. 

Firm Favourite

100 min driving lessons are also a favourite with our driving instructors, as they can really see their students progress at a quicker rate than those that do a regular 60 minute or 90 minute driving lesson. 

  • From December 2020, we are dropping the 60 minute driving lessons. This is because a 60 minute lesson does not give a student enough practice time in test areas.
As Driving Test Approaches

As your driving test test approaches you may decide to go from 90 minute lessons and do the longer driving lessons, which would mean paying that little bit extra, but gaining so much more. 

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