10 Hours Of Driving Lessons

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What can you learn in 10 hours of driving lessons? 

When learning to drive, some students can learn quite a lot in 10 hours of driving lessons. A lot of students that come to us after being with other driving schools in the area often astounds us with how much time has been wasted.

If you are a new learner driver and never driven before, it is possible to have tried the following topics within the first 10 hours of driving lessons.

  • Cockpit Drill & Controls
  • Moving Off And Stopping
  • Approaching & Turning Left 
  • Approaching & Emerging Left
  • Approaching & Turning Right
  • Approaching & Emerging Right
  • Crossroads – Side roads
  • Traffic Lights & Pedestrian Crossings
  • Crossroads – Main Junctions

All this will depend on how well you understand instructions and develop the new skills and be able to do the topics without help. If you progress and understand these topics, your instructor will move on to other topics – See 15 Hours of Driving Lessons

I can drive, I only need a few hours to prepare for a test.

This is a statement that is sometimes used by students that are coming from a different driving school or independent driving instructor.

Our instructors will be happy to prepare you for your driving test, but you must understand if you are changing driving schools or driving instructors, we must first spend some time checking that what you already know and how you drive is to the required standard set out by the DVSA. 

If you are not at the required driving test standard, our instructors will not allow you to take a driving test. It is vital for your development as a driver that you listen to the professionals, you simply will not pass the driving test on a fluke.

But, you just want me to spend loads of money on lessons?

At £62 a test and on test day for a 2 hour time slot that is required for your test, things can become expensive pretty quickly. So if you are not ready for your driving test and your driving instructor says you would be better with a few more lessons, Our instructors will be trying to save you money by not wasting it on a test that you are not ready for. 

If you do 2 driving tests that you are not prepared for, you have wasted over £240 and 4 hours that you could of had to prepare you further.

"Great driving instructor, made the preparation for my Test smooth and comfortable"
Alan Wheatley

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10 Hours of Driving Lessons

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